B2B Pilots.

We’re working with industry leaders to help redefine how we experience sound in every aspect of our lives.

seated experiences.

Turning movie theater seats, theme park rides, virtual-reality rigs, stadium seating and other seated entertainment into audio experiences like never before. Allow your audience to HEAR and FEEL the immersive entertainment you provide.

automotive entertainment.

Let your customers have the drive of their life by augmenting the car sound system using our patent-pending audio technology. Let drivers be more alert with tactile feedback and safety alerts, while they are immersed in HEARING and FEELING their sound experiences in clarity.

smart furniture.

Reshaping smart home audio experiences by turning your living room, bedroom, and kitchen furniture into a speaker. Build a future with us where individuals do not think twice about tapping into a desk or conference room table to instantly connect their portable device to the built-in audio system, to gently emanate rich full-frequency sound from the table’s surface, or even from the walls of a classroom/theater/boardroom.

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