From Curiosity to a New Invention.


Driven to Challenge What It Means to Experience Sound.

Our vision is to redefine how we experience sound in all aspects of life by including the tactile dimension to sound reproduction. We see a future where gamers are fully immersed in the virtual landscapes created by a developer. We see teenagers and concertgoers listening to strong music, instead of loud music, staving off years of self-induced hearing loss. We envision sound playing a more intimate role in the future of IoT and smart-home devices, by making the response of your favorite virtual assistant more personal and visceral. This is achieved by making their voice embodied through the nearest piece of furniture, be it a mirror, table, counter, or refrigerator.

We see a future with full-bodied sound and immersive experiences from impossibly small and portable devices. We see individuals not thinking twice about tapping into a desk or conference room table to instantly connect their portable device to the built-in audio system, to gently emanate rich full-frequency sound from the table’s surface, or even from the walls of a classroom/theater/boardroom.

This is the future of sound. A more inclusive and intimate world of sound. Created by EDGE Sound Research.

Leading Through Innovation

Innovating audio experiences is at the core of our DNA. With cutting-edge research, we strive to always be ahead of the trend by designing new audio devices that will provide the most realistic sound experiences possible.

Evolving With Our Customers

Our customers are of our utmost importance, and we take all user feedback seriously. Redefining audio experiences is no simple feat and our customers are at the forefront of the change. Together we can reimagine what it means to experience sound.

Inclusivity Through Sound

Developing a new format of audio from a hearing disability engraves a deep rooted connection to enabling inclusivity in sound experiences. We want to create the most badass audio possible not only for those with perfect hearing, but for everyone.

the team behind it all.

Valtteri Salomaki.

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer
MBA — Information Systems & Marketing

Ethan Castro.

Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer
PhD Candidate in Music - Digital Composition

Emmett Castro.

Chief Financial Officer

Julian Bell.

Lead Hardware Engineer
MS - Electrical Engineering

Winson Bi.

Lead Software Engineer
MS - Computer Engineering

Vincent Zhang.

Industrial Engineer
B.S. - Industrial Engineering & Product Design

Juan Carlos Perez.

Product Leader, Startup Advisor
Advising Business Strategy

Andrew Davis.

Head of Product, Musicasa
Advising Business Strategy

Scott Brovsky.

Director, EPIC SBDC
Advising Funding Strategy

Paulo Chagas.

Research Faculty at UC Riverside
Research Advisor

Art Salyer.

President at Salyer Advisors
Advising Business Strategy

Brandon Babu.

Hardware Engineer Intern
Electrical Engineering Student

Zixin (Edith) Ren.

Product Manager Intern
MBA Student - Information Systems

Constantine Pappas.


the inception of a new audio experience.


Ethan's Childhood.

Our Co-Founder, Ethan Castro, became hard of hearing early on in life. His Doctor said, “As long as you don’t go into music, you’ll be fine.” And with that, Ethan went straight into music. As a professional musician/audio engineer, Ethan recalibrated how he associated with sound by touching speakers. He is known for exceptionally clear mixes. By adding sensation of touch to sound, Ethan compensated for his deficiency, but enhanced experiences for others.


Ethan's PhD Research.

To share with others how he experiences sound, Ethan decided to focus his PhD research on recreating his relationship with audio leveraging the tactile dimension. This led to a theory that audio experiences can allow a person to HEAR and FEEL sound in the entire frequency range.

Nov 2019

The First Demo Experience.

To further his understanding of developing this audio experience, Ethan needed help conducting market research and identifying the potential business opportunity for his invention. And thus begins his journey with Valtteri (Val) Salomaki. After trialing Ethan’s mini demo experience, Val realized that his experience HEARING and FEELING sound was unlike any other experience he had before. It was bigger than just a PhD dissertation project. And so began EDGE Sound Research.

Jan 2020

Presenting at CES.

Two months later, Val and Ethan presented their vision at the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. There they spoke with over 30+ companies to understand the gap in sound experiences to validate the need for a new audio format.

Apr-Aug 2020

Completing Startup Programs.

In 6 months, EDGE Sound Research participated in 4 startup programs: VentureWell Pioneer, Blackstone Launchpad powered by Techstars 2020 Summer Fellowship, University of Buffalo LaunchPad 2020 Summer Accelerator, and UCR Innova’R.

Dec 2020

Finalizing Core Team.

By the end of 2020, EDGE Sound Research has established a founding team that is ready to introduce a brand new audio format to the world.

March 2021

Creating First Demo Units.

In March 2021, EDGE Sound Research hit a major milestone by developing the first batch of ResonX demo units. Soon after, we began the initial phases of user testing.

June 2021

Launch of Alpha Testing Program.

Now, in June 2021, EDGE Sound Research is launching a Alpha Testing Program for gamers in Southern California to try the ResonX for free.

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