experience sound

like never before

like never before

feel like you are the speaker.

ResonX is the first Experiential Audio product created with entertainment experiences in mind. Simply attach to a chair with our X-straps and experience sound like never before. HEAR and FEEL the virtual landscape of your favorite game, the beat of your favorite song, the cinematic moments of your favorite movie, and much more.


stunning sound experiences.

HEAR and FEEL in High-Fidelity Sound.

Built with our Patent Pending technology that allows you to HEAR sound between 0 - 20,000Hz and FEEL sound between 0 - 2000Hz, this new audio format, Experiential Audio, covers the entire range of sound frequency, enhancing your level of immersion to all new heights. Instead of feeling like a spectator of your favorite content experiences by only hearing the sound, now you can FEEL as if you are actually in the moment with Experiential Audio.

Simple Setup.

Use our X-Straps and attach the ResonX to your gaming/office chair and turn it into the sound experience of a lifetime. Each device operates with computation audio to ensure the best quality sound possible no matter the surroundings.

Made with Quality.

Each ResonX is designed and assembled in California to ensure top quality performance. We cut no corners to provide you with the ultimate experience.


Transforming a gaming environment into an audio experience of a lifetime with the ResonX. Enjoy the most realistic gameplay sound allowing you to understand the virtual landscape with subtle cues such as feeling footsteps, the direction of a gunshot, and much more.


Experience music as if you were in the front-row of a large music festival listening to your favorite artist live. Whether you like bass-heavy beats or elegant opera music, with the ResonX, you will enjoy a song as intended by the artist.


Morphing your chair into a cinema audio experience of your dreams. Enjoy your favorite movie fully immersed, feeling as if you are with the characters experiencing each scene instead of a distant spectator. 

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