Experiential Audio.

The first format shift in audio in the past three decades. We are bringing sound to life by allowing users to HEAR and FEEL in hi-fidelity. Turn any physical surface into an audio experience worth talking about.

the core of
our tech.


Patent-pending technology enables users to both HEAR sound between 0 - 20,000Hz and FEEL sound between 0 - 2000Hz.

Intelligent Design.

Developed using computational audio ensuring amazing sound no matter what surface our devices are attached to.

Simple Implementation.

Adaptable system to easily connect with your existing environment.

Haptic vs. Tactile vs. Experiential Audio.

Experience ResonX in the Alpha Program.

We’re gearing up to release our first Experiential Audio product to the world, but first we are looking for our 50 audio connoisseurs to help it shatter expectations.

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