From a subsonic boom to a gentle wind-gust, HEAR and FEEL sound in every frequency.




experiential audio.


the next evolution in sound reproduction.

Our Co-Founder, Ethan Castro, is a hard-of-hearing audio engineer and a PhD Candidate in Music. To share with others how he experiences sound, he invented an audio technology that allows you to HEAR sound between 0 – 20,000Hz and FEEL sound between 0-800Hz. This new audio format, Experiential Audio, covers the entire range of sound frequency, enhancing your level of immersion to all new heights. Instead of feeling like a spectator of your favorite content experiences by only hearing the sound, now you can FEEL as if you are actually in the moment with Experiential Audio.



ResonX is the first Experiential Audio product created with entertainment experiences in mind. Simply attach to a chair with our X-straps and experience sound like never before. HEAR and FEEL the virtual landscape of your favorite game, the beat of your favorite song, the cinematic moments of your favorite movie, and much more.

content is constantly
audio has to keep up.

Audio experiences have stayed stagnant over the past three decades, while all other forms of content have evolved. It’s time that new innovation in audio moves the industry forward and gets us closer to the experiences we crave. At EDGE Sound Research, our dedication is not only to make existing audio experiences better but also to simultaneously to redefine how we experience sound as a whole.


Transforming a gaming environment into an audio experience of a lifetime with the ResonX. Enjoy a deeper gameplay experience with sound allowing you to understand the virtual landscape with subtle cues such as feeling footsteps, the direction of a gunshot, and much more.


Experience music as if you were in the front-row of a concert listening to your favorite artist live. Whether you like bass-heavy beats or classical opera music, with the ResonX, you will enjoy a song as intended by the artist.

home entertainment.

Transforming home theaters into the cinema audio experience of your dreams. By embedding our audio technology directly into furniture of any living room setup will elevate home entertainment to a new level.


Building the future of smart home sound systems that turn every aspect of your home into an audio experience.

sound therapy.

Researching the health benefits associated with transmitting audio through vibrations at all frequency ranges.

Experience ResonX in the alpha testing program.

We are currently accepting applications to participate in a 10-day FREE Alpha Test program for our product, ResonX. Must be located in Southern California, play 8+ hours of video games per week, and over the age of 18+.