Audio Re-Imagined.

Purpose, Mission & Vision

Re-imagine audio experiences in every aspect of our lives

Establish the new standard in audio formats where existing infrastructure is already pre-built as a sound system emanating clean sound accessible to all.

Developing Experiential Audio sound systems that allow people to hear and feel sound in high fidelity.

Our Story

Our Co-Founder, Ethan Castro, is a hard-of-hearing audio engineer and a Ph.D. Candidate in Music. To share with others how he experiences sound, he invented an audio technology that allows you to HEAR sound between 0 – 20,000Hz and FEEL sound between 0 - 2000Hz.

Our Technology

Our new audio format, Experiential Audio, covers the entire range of sound frequencies, enhancing your level of immersion to all new heights. Instead of feeling like a spectator of your favorite content experiences by only hearing the sound, now you can FEEL as if you are actually in the moment.

Our Product

The ResonX is the first Experiential Audio product created for gamers and audio engineers. Simply attach to a chair with our X-straps and experience what it’s like to HEAR and FEEL sound in high fidelity. The ResonX is coupled with the most brutal Mini KD Soundbar that features balanced mode radiators (BMR) filling your room into a sound landscape like no other. This combination will make you say “HOLY SH*T”.

Anticipated Release — Summer 2022.


Breaking it Down.

From research and the relentless pursuit of perfection, we’ve discovered that utilizing more than one sense seems to aid in the immersion of your content.

Having two pathways of experiencing something is called ‘multimodal’ and is a key element of why you think the reality is real. If you see someone’s hands clap together, but don’t hear a distinct ‘clap’ sound at the same time, you understand that something isn’t behaving like normal reality.

This is why when you listen through computer speakers, you know something isn’t quite right. Sound waves have weight— so in addition to hearing them, your body feels them too. As a matter of fact, people who are dead or hard-of-hearing already rely on their sense of touch to ‘hear’.

Tactile Audio is the predecessor technology to experiential audio.  It allows someone to detect sound as touch-cues, but traditionally only in really low subsonic sounds like deep booms.

Experiential Audio is the combination of the tactile sensation of feeling sounds with the familiar and natural hearing sense — but in a way that naturally emanates from people, instruments, and objects.

Our first product is the ResonX and Mini KD Soundbar ecosystem designed specifically for performance gamers and audio engineers. This product is intended to be attached to the back of a chair turning it into the most immersive sound experience available. 

We are currently creating 50 production sample units and gathering final customer feedback to start public sales in Summer 2022. In addition, we are working on B2B implementations of our Experiential Audio systems in sporting arenas, cinemas, and other seated venues in Q1 of 2022.


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